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  • unit : m²

Price per sqmAll grass rolls come in 2m x 25m , 3m x 25m and 4m x 25m
Premium artificial grass with a summer shade.

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What do you need for a delightful lawn besides a lush grass carpet in a beautiful natural color?
Synthetic Grass – Lush Green is an artificial turf with more blades of grass per square meter, the lawn looks extra lush. Some blades of grass have a natural shades which gives the artificial turf a subtle look. Just like our other Synthetic Grass products this type of artificial grass gives the fibers a natural growth direction.


More natural look

In nature, the blades of natural grass are not all standing orderly in line. So why do artificial grass fibers look "alive"? The patented technology gives every fiber its own natural growth direction. This gives the artificial turf a natural and realistic look like no other. The name for this model Lush is for a good reason. One of the most striking characteristics of Lush is the fiber density of the grass carpet. Because the artificial turf has more fibers per square meter, it looks extra lush and luxurious. We have also used fibers in different shades for this artificial grass product. This gives the whole grass carpet a very attractive appearance. It is almost like the grass changes its colors on a delightful late summer day. In addition, the artificial turf is not only beautiful, but it is also robust and user-friendly. All components of the artificial grass carpet are of the highest quality. Just like our other artificial grass products, this type has a double backing and its fibers are colorfast and hard-wearing. So, you can walk on your artificial lawn every day. All artificial grass products are manufactured in an eco-friendly way and are absolutely safe.


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