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Granite Pavers in Melbourne

The Paver Shop is home to a stunning range of granite paving stones. With a distinctive look, these natural stones come in a variety of colours and styles that are sure to enrich your space. In Melbourne, granite stones have become an increasingly popular option for both residential and commercial projects.

Need granite pavers for a Melbourne property? Explore our collection online or in person at our Thomastown showroom. Once you’ve made a selection, The Paver Shop team can also provide an end-to-end installation service that is carried out by fully insured contractors.

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Versatile Granite Pavers for Sale

Granite is a great choice for walkways, driveways, stair treads, pool coping and many other applications. This stone is also naturally resistant to fading and cracking, which allows it to be used in the high-traffic areas of your property. What’s more, granite requires minimal maintenance moving forward.

Let’s explore a few of our most popular granite pavers for sale.

Exotic Gray Granite

Exotic Gray is the most used granite for coping and paving. It has a light grey colour which suits most modern render hues. Exotic gray travertine is very popular for Driveways, Steppingstones, and front of house paths etc.

Midnight Granite

Midnight Granite Pavers are a non-slip granite without too coarse of a finish. Architects, builders, and renovators around the world choose granite pavers, tiles and pool coping because they are extremely tough. Granite can support the constant weight of heavy vehicles and high traffic areas for decades without damage or cracking. Therefore, midnight granite is an excellent choice for driveway pavers, paths, paving and cobblestones.

Peppermint Granite

As the name suggests, Peppermint granite has a white background with grey dots. It is a very elegant and durable granite with small intricate patterns of greys and greens. Peppermint granite is recommended for commercial and residential projects including outdoor landscaping and flooring in cold climates. Indoor applications can include countertops, vanity tops, walls, backsplashes, and other design features.

Sahara Granite

Sahara Granite is very similar to desert sand in appearance. It will give your home a rustic, burnt brown look. It is a very hard-wearing granite. Available in finishes such as sawn, hammered, cropped, fine picked flamed, honed, polished rough picked and sandblasted.

Rose Granite

Rose Granite is a kind of pink granite quarried in China. This stone is great for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, stairs, exterior and interior floor/wall options. Pink rose granite can be processed into Polished, Sawn cut, Sanded, Rockface, Sandblasted and Tumbled

Melbourne’s Leading Granite Pavers Suppliers

With competitive prices and a huge inventory, we are proud to be one of Melbourne’s leading granite pavers suppliers. Our granite range is sourced from trusted local suppliers that we personally vouch for. All of the products listed above are also available with convenient delivery and pick-up options.

Unsure which paving stone best suits your project? Feel free to get in touch. We have a team of experts who will be happy to assist you with supply, installation or after-sales support.

5 Step Process – The Paver Shop

Explore our extensive range of pavers

Visit our showroom in Thomastown or browse our website to explore our vast collection of pavers. We stock a wide range of natural stone pavers–bluestone, travertine, granite, sandstone, limestone–and even manmade porcelain or concrete for the more budget-conscious projects. Our pavers offer a variety of colours, textures and sizing options to suit your unique vision. Not sure what you’re after? Our knowledgeable team are there to guide you.

Request a free quote for installation

Start your pavers installation journey by reaching out to us for a free quote. Our experienced team will assess your requirements, provide trustworthy and transparent advice and give you a clear picture of the costs involved. We are more than happy to work alongside architects, landscapers and homeowners.

Receive end-to-end installation by insured contractors

Once you’ve chosen your desired pavers, our team of fully insured contractors will handle the installation process. With years of experience and attention to detail, they will ensure a stunning and clean result.

Benefit from expert advice and customer service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond installation. We offer tailored advice on paver maintenance, as well as after sales support to help you perserve your surfaces over time. As industry experts, we only work with quality materials backed by manufacterer warranties and product guarantees.

Visit our Thomastown showroom or contact us for assistance

For any questions or further assistance regarding pavers installation in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to visit our Thomastown showroom or contact us at 03 9462 4325. Our friendly team is ready to provide comprehensive guidance and ensure your project is a success. Experience the finest pavers for your Melbourne home with The Paver Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are some common applications for granite pavers in Melbourne?

Granite pavers are suitable for a variety of applications including walkways, driveways, stair treads, pool coping, and more. They are known for their resistance to fading and cracking, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. This combination of factors has made granite pavers popular across Melbourne.

What are some of your popular granite pavers for sale?

The Paver Shop have a great range granite pavers for sale, including Exotic Gray Granite, Midnight Granite, Peppermint Granite, Sahara Granite, and Rose Granite. Each option has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for various projects.

What are the advantages of using granite pavers?

Granite pavers are naturally resistant to fading and cracking, requiring minimal maintenance. They are extremely tough and can withstand heavy vehicles and high-traffic areas for decades without damage or cracking.

Where can I explore and purchase granite pavers in Melbourne?

You can explore the collection of granite pavers in Melbourne online or at our Thomastown showroom. As one of Melbourne’s leading granite paver suppliers, we offer competitive prices and an extensive selection.

Can The Paver Shop provide assistance with supply, installation, or after-sales support for granite pavers in Melbourne?

Yes, we have a team of experts who can assist you with supply, installation, and after-sales support on any granite pavers currently for sale. If you’re unsure about which paving stone best suits your project, we’re always happy to help.

What types of surfaces can The Paver Shop supply and install in Melbourne?

The Paver Shop can supply and install a wide range of surfaces including granite, marble, limestone, bluestone, sandstone, synthetic grass, concrete sleepers, pool coping and more.

Are the contractors at The Paver Shop insured?

Yes, all The Paver Shop are fully insured to lay a wide range of natural stone surfaces. Our staff also also have liability insurance to cover any mishaps on the job site.

How experienced are the paver suppliers at The Paver Shop?

We bring over 20 years of industry experience to the table, including an in-depth knowledge of natural stone surfaces. We only work with durable products backed by manufacturer warranties.

What is the process for pavers installation at The Paver Shop?

Our pavers installation process begins with a free quote to determine costs and surface material options. After the surface is selected, we can also provide end-to-end installation services. Visiting our showroom or website is the best way to explore our current range.

What types of pavers are available at The Paver Shop?

We have huge range of pavers, including porcelain, bluestone, travertine, limestone, and concrete. They come in various colours, textures, and sizes to suit different environments. In addition, all products are sourced from reliable quarries and local suppliers.

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