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    Premium Bluestone Pavers

    Enhancing Curb Appeal with Bluestone Pavers

    You've likely heard real estate professionals and home improvement influencers talking about the importance curb appeal. But have you ever considered the untapped potential of bluestone pavers in elevating your home's appeal and value?  Though bluestone has been a feature of Melbourne’s architectural scene for decades, it has experienced an explosion of popularity in the last few years. This article will discuss the benefits of using bluestone pavers and how…

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    Shower with Lauxes Grates tile insert grate installed.

    Innovations in Drainage Solutions: Lauxes Grates

    Proper water management in and around your property cannot be overstated. Stagnant water can attract pests, cause damage to tiles and create a slipping hazard. Despite this, many people hold off on installing outdoor drains or updating existing ones because they don’t like the appearance of standard drains. Lauxes Grates, an Australian-owned and operated brand, has created high-class options in the sometimes overlooked area of drainage solutions. Their products have…

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    Hand spreading grout over pavers with a float.

    Best Grouting Solutions for Pavers

    Pavers are essential to keeping driveways, patios, and flooring stable and long-lasting. They add aesthetic appeal and durability to these areas.  However, the success of these projects largely depends on your choice of grout and proper application. This article provides an in-depth guide to the best grouting solutions for pavers, how to apply grout and answers to some frequently asked questions. Why Is Grouting Pavers Important? When it comes to…

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    Maple leaf sitting on natural stone pavers in dappled sunlights.

    Benefits of Natural Stone Pavers

    Natural stone pavers, as the name implies, are paving stones made from naturally derived stone. They are cut from various types of rocks, each of which carry a rugged beauty and unmatched durability.  Each stone type has its distinct characteristics, offering a spectrum of colours, textures, and finishes to cater to your specific aesthetic preferences.  Being low maintenance, eco-friendly, and a sleek appearance, there are many reasons to choose them…

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    Paving Stone Supplier

    Maintaining Pavers: Cleaning and Sealing

    Regular cleaning and sealing of pavers is key to preserving the structural integrity and look, preventing common problems such as staining, weed growth, and accelerated deterioration.  Through a small investment of time and effort, proper maintenance will boost the appearance and lifespan of your pavers, and in turn, add value to your property. Let’s look at why and how to best care for your pavers. Why Maintain Your Pavers? When…

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    The Paver Shop - Quality Pavers

    Choosing the Right Paver Material | Advantages of Different Stone Types

    When it comes to landscaping and architectural design, pavers are an indispensable component. Acting as the foundation of our patios, driveways, and walkways, they provide not just functionality but also an aesthetic appeal that enhances the overall look of our outdoor spaces. Pavers come in a wide variety of materials, each with its unique benefits and charm. From the natural allure of granite and sandstone to the manufactured sophistication of…

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