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Synthetic Grass – Natural


Price per sqmAll grass rolls come in 2m x 25m , 3m x 25m and 4m x 25m

Natural artificial grass.

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    • unit : m²

    Technological advancements have made sure that the grass even after wear and tear looks as good as new. On the other hand, to make your garden of normal natural grass look good requires a lot of hard effort and then also desired results are not achieved.


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    In nature, the blades of natural grass are not all standing orderly in line. So why do artificial grass fibers look "alive"? The patented technology gives every fiber its own natural growth direction. This gives the artificial turf a natural and realistic look like no other. Normal grass is prickly and the place where mosquitos and pests thrive. Hence allowing your kids to play in the open becomes a cause of concern. In that case, synthetic grasses are soft and ideal for usage in kids play areas too. Water Use In a normal grass garden you need gallons of water per year to nourish it so that it looks good throughout. This is another expense on the pocket which is waived off when you get artificial grass installed. Especially when you install artificial grass for schools and playgrounds. Maintenance It is obvious with natural grass you would require a lot of maintenance effort and that too on a regular basis. You have to mow the grass, remove the weeds and add fertilisers occasionally so that the grass looks great at all times. However artificial turf can be maintained only with a once a month rinsing or occasional brushing away of dust.

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