Chemforce Enhance Plus Premium Colour Enhancing


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    Product Technical Benefits:
    • Enhances/deepens the colour of the surface 
    • Water and oil repellence 
    • Semi-permanent, UV stable technology 
    • Highly breathable, allows water vapor to escape freely and limits harmful moisture build-up inside the treated material.  
    • Treated surfaces stay looking good for longer and are easier to clean. 
    • 5 YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY available when applied by an APPROVED APPLICATOR. 
    How to use
    1. Read product data sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet 
    2. TEST PRODUCT ON A SAMPLE PIECE OF STONE OR INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST. Allow product to cure for a minimum of 3 days to determine the enhancement results and ease of application.  
    3. Surface must be clean, dry and free of any residues. 
    4. Apply when the surface temperature is between 5-35°C (40 – 95°F).  
    5. DO NOT dilute.  

    1. Generously apply ENHANCE +™ using low pressure hand sprayer, brush or microfiber/wool applicator. Avoid contact with surrounding areas.
    2. Leave to penetrate for at least 15 minutes, then, before it dries fully, polish the surface with clean, white absorbent cotton or microfiber towels (or similar) to remove ALL product residue.
    3. Leave it to dry for at least 1 hour, then repeat steps 1 & 2.
    4. Total application rate (for both coats combined) is one litre per 6 to 20 sqm (one gallon per 240 to 800 sq. ft) depending on surface absorption.
    5. Use an organic solvent e.g. alcohol (ethanol) or mineral spirits to clean equipment.
    6. Avoid moisture contact with the surface for 24 hours after application. Avoid spills on the surface.

    NOTE: Sealer will NOT prevent surface etching, scuff marks or mechanical wear. ENHANCE +™ repels water and oil, but not solvents, so solvent based materials, such as marking pen ink can still stain the treated surface, but will penetrate less, and be easier to remove. All spills should be cleaned up immediately to minimize absorption, particularly in the first month after application while the product is still curing fully. 

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