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Innovations in Drainage Solutions: Lauxes Grates

29 Dec 2023
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Proper water management in and around your property cannot be overstated. Stagnant water can attract pests, cause damage to tiles and create a slipping hazard. Despite this, many people hold off on installing outdoor drains or updating existing ones because they don’t like the appearance of standard drains.

Lauxes Grates, an Australian-owned and operated brand, has created high-class options in the sometimes overlooked area of drainage solutions. Their products have been successful in turning an often-overlooked necessity into a stylish, functional feature of contemporary homes.

Lauxes Grates products are not just about visual appeal; they’re also highly functional and versatile. With their innovative design and superior functionality, they are truly industry leaders in the world of drainage solutions. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of choosing Lauxes Grates.

An In-Depth Look at Lauxes Grates Models

NeXT Generation

The NeXT Generation grates line is Lauxes' answer to anyone looking  for sleek and modern-looking drainage solutions. They are designed to blend seamlessly with a wide range of architectural styles, and offer the perfect combination of function and form. With a no-bedding requirement, these grates come in 3m lengths, and they can be extended further using Lauxes joiners, providing a flexible solution that can cater to various homeowners' needs. The waste outlet can be positioned anywhere along the bottom tray, offering a truly customisable experience. They sit flush with tiles, ensuring a smooth, unobtrusive appearance.

Lauxes Grates Tile insert grate installed in shower

Slimline Tile Insert

The Slimline Tile Insert grates are a testament to Lauxes' commitment to product appearance. These grates allow homeowners to add tiling to the top of their grate, all while creating a visually coherent and almost invisible drainage system. Like the NeXT Generation grates, these too are available in lengths up to 3m and can be extended further using Lauxes joiners. The waste outlet can be positioned anywhere along the bottom tray, and they can hold tiles up to 10mm thick.

Storm Water

Lastly, we have the Storm Water grates, which are purpose designed specifically for outdoor use. These grates can handle heavy water flow effortlessly, and they serve as a stylish replacement top for existing stormwater linear drainage. They've also been engineered to withstand heavy loads of up to 10.3 tonnes, making them an ideal choice for driveways and alfresco areas where large volumes of water need to be managed.

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Additional Benefits of Choosing Lauxes Grates

UV Stabilised

One of the major selling points of Lauxes grates is their superior UV stability. As most homeowners will attest to, the harsh sunlight can wreak havoc on outdoor fixtures and cause them to warp or fade over time. However, Lauxes grates stand up to the test, maintaining their structure and aesthetic appeal, regardless of the weather conditions.

This UV stability is pivotal in various applications, especially in outdoor spaces like driveways and alfresco areas where grates are exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, it eliminates the need for regular replacements, providing homeowners with a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.


Lauxes grates also come with a rust-proof coating. This feature is particularly important when it comes to combating the corrosive effects of water and moisture, which can ruin the appearance of traditional grates over time. Homeowners can now enjoy the pristine look of their grates for years to come, with the rust-proof coating effectively preserving these beautiful anodised aluminium grates.

Easy Maintenance

The innovative design of Lauxes grates specifically addresses the problem of water tracking. Traditional grates often cause water to pool, which would then create unsightly and unhygienic conditions. However, the slightly inclined design of Lauxes grates prevents water from accumulating, ensuring a clean and dry environment. The easy roll-out design for cleaning has made maintenance a breeze. By allowing for fast removal of the grate topper to expose the inside, this feature saves homeowners precious time and effort.

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Marble look tile with tile insert grate installed, complimenting the gold accents in other fixtures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lauxes Grates

How easy is the installation?

Lauxes grates have been designed with easy installation in mind. The process is straightforward, regardless of whether you opt for the Next Generation, Tile Insert or Storm Water model. Each grate comes with a comprehensive installation guide, and the process typically involves measuring the area, cutting any tiles that are being crossed by the grate, cutting the grate to the desired length right on the job site, positioning the waste outlet, and then simply placing the grate.

 Lauxes grates' easy-to-cut design means the length can be customised to fit any area in your home. Plus, the availability of 3m lengths and Lauxes joiners means the grate can be extended as much as needed. This versatility provides a seamless and clean aesthetic, whether you're installing in a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space.

Can Lauxes grates be used in high-traffic areas?

Absolutely. Lauxes grates are not only about style and aesthetics but also about high functionality and durability. They are designed to withstand heavy loads, making them perfect for high-traffic areas in your home like driveways and alfresco areas. The Storm Water grate, for instance, is engineered to handle loads up to 10.3 tons, ensuring it can cope with the demands of these areas.

How do I maintain my Lauxes grates?

Here's the good news: Lauxes grates require minimal maintenance. Linear floor drains are easier to maintain and can remove up to 80% more hair debris and grime than regular drains. Their unique design, including the easy roll-out feature, means you can easily access the grate for cleaning and maintenance. Regular cleaning is as simple as rolling out the grate, giving it a good rinse, and placing it back. This ease of maintenance helps to extend the life of the grate and keeps it in optimal functioning condition.

A couple of things to consider when maintaining your Lauxes grates: Firstly, while they are rustproof, they are not invincible. Using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools could damage the coating, so it's best to stick with mild soaps and soft cloths. Secondly, regular cleaning is not just about aesthetics, it's also crucial for the grate's functionality. A clean grate ensures proper water flow and reduces the risk of water pooling.

Your Trusted Drain Grate Supplier in Melbourne

In conclusion, Lauxes Grates products are a game-changer in the world of drainage solutions. They combine aesthetics, functionality, and ease of maintenance in a way that traditional drainage solutions simply can't match. If you're considering upgrading your drainage system, Lauxes Grates should be at the top of your list.

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