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Thinking about concrete pavers for your outdoor spaces? Focusing on your dream swimming pool is always exciting, but as a homeowner, you must also design the pool deck with safety and long-term use in mind.

Whether you’re keen on natural stone, concrete slabs or textured finishes, many factors come into play. As noted in an article by Composites Australia, there has been an increase in home improvement and leisure activity since 2020, meaning that the demand for quality swimming pool paving is higher than ever.

Today, we’re going to explore how choosing the best paving material can benefit your outdoor area, the most popular materials, and provide expert guidance to help you make the best decision.

The Importance of Pool Deck Design and Materials

Pool deck design

Why is it important to consider the pool deck design and materials you’re using?


The area surrounding your pool is prone to water splashes, which naturally create slippery surfaces for children and teenagers around the pool exterior. This is why slip-resistant paving materials such as textured concrete, pavers, or composite wood has become such a popular choice. Slip-resistant pavers cut the risk of accidents, stay cooler under the sun’s heat, and are more comfortable to walk on.


Concrete pavers creating a well-designed pool can make your backyard more inviting for friends and family. If you have a solid base, this is an excellent foundation for withstanding the weight and pressure without cracking or sinking. Cracks along the edges of your paving- especially near joints- can affect base stability and cause improper compaction. Additionally, localised dips and bumps can cause settling from materials breaking down.


A pool deck is a serious investment, and you want to make sure your concrete pavers last throughout the seasons. High-quality materials can resist the effects of wild weather, pool chemicals, and people walking on them over time.


As an outdoor living space extension, a pool deck is a space for you to lounge, get some sun, and entertain your guests. Your choice of pool deck–such as natural stone–is cooler throughout the summer, adding to poolside relaxation for everyone.

Easy to maintain

You don’t want to be scrubbing a concrete pool deck surface every day, and a supportive design will resist mould, mildew, and staining. Occasional sealing and regular cleaning will keep the deck fresh and inviting. With the right paving base, you can extend the lifestyle of your entire paving project. Saving you money on repairs and replacements makes for an ideal investment.

Property value

Planning to sell your home in future? The right choice for a pool deck can be an attractive selling point for potential buyers. Even if you don’t plan to sell, a quality concrete surface ensures your property remains an asset.

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Popular Pool Deck Materials

Three boys jumping into the water

What concrete paver materials are available for your ground swimming pool? There are many ways to create a beautiful pool deck.

Poured concrete pool deck

Pouring a concrete slab around your pool area is a simple, durable, and affordable paving solution. Pour concrete decks into a range of shapes, or add texture to ensure they are slip-resistant. Although concrete pavers leave little room for design flexibility, this is a practical solution with neutral finishes for your pool decking.

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone pavers are a natural sedimentary stone that is uniform and sleek, and they create elaborate designs that are sophisticated and stylish options for your property.

Basalt pavers

Basalt pavers are made from natural stone, offering a unique texture in shades of black and white with a finish that is attractive to the eye. If you want to learn more about maintaining pavers in your home so they last, read the best grouting solutions for pavers!

Sandstone pavers

Bright, vibrant, and hard-wearing sandstone pavers are a good choice for areas exposed to the sunshine. Finishes include desert sandstone, suede sandstone, royal beige sandstone, Sahara gold sandstone, rainbow sandstone, and more.

Natural stone pavers

As a common favourite for landscape designers and architects, natural stone adds beautiful old-world richness and texture to your pool perimeter. Travertine pavers, bluestone, and flagstone are easy on the feet, and eyes, for the entire family.

Brick paver pool decks

Want to add a rustic look to your decking? Naturally durable against wild weather, brick paver colours, sizes, and placement can be mixed and matched for a unique design. However, brick paver blocks can retain heat from the sun, so it’s advised not to use them if your pool is in direct sunlight.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Deck Material

  • Climate and weather conditions. Do you live in a warm climate? This will influence the type of paver material you use. Sunnier conditions require pavers that are resistant to heat and exposure to sunlight, so always consider the temperature differences.
  • Chemical exposure. Pools are often treated with chlorine, so you want a material resistant to chemical damage and, ideally, non-slippery.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. Stone and tile are popular materials to choose from for indoor pool decks as they are long-lasting and easy to clean.
  • Swimming pool design and space. Whether you’re going for a more traditional look for your pool deck or something modern, compare your options and select what suits your style!
  • Foot traffic and usage. If you have a large family or friends who enjoy coming over for barbeques, you want to pick a concrete paving that can handle the foot traffic.
  • Surface texture. From glossy to matte concrete pavers, surface texture affects how waterproof they may be and their physical appearance.

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Installation and Maintenance Tips

If you want your pavers to last, installing and maintaining them correctly is essential. It is recommended that a professional paving contractor does the job.

  1. Preparing the ground and base. After clearing the area of debris, rocks, and vegetation, compact the soil or base material to create a stable foundation, using the appropriate tools for levelling. 
  2. Proper levelling and surface preparation. To avoid an uneven surface, use a level and straightedge to check, always following manufacturer guidelines for materials such as concrete.
  3. Choosing the right paving pattern and colour scheme. Depending on the style you’re looking for, choose a colour and paving pattern that will complement your home’s exterior or landscape design. 
  4. Effective maintenance techniques. Clean your pavers, sealing concrete pavers to protect them against weathering. 

If you want more information regarding paver maintenance and repair, read the tips for maintaining pavers, cleaning, and sealing.

Design Ideas for Stunning Pool Decks

In what ways can you design your dream pool area? Let’s take a look at the options!

Create an outdoor oasis with landscaping

Integrate rows of trees to feel immersed in nature!  Landscaping your patio is an excellent design for getting shade throughout the day and a gorgeous pool view.

Make it feel lived in

Add old tables and benches around the body of water. This can blend nicely with the aged look of the pool home and patio.

Add colour for a pop!

Consider adding some colourful accents to your pool deck to boost outdoor energy. This can be done by using coloured pavers and vibrant furniture or by adding colourful plants and flowers around the deck area. The pops of colour will create a fun and lively atmosphere, perfect for summer pool parties.

Use kid-friendly furniture

For an active family with children, you want to consider your pool’s size and shape layout.  Opt for room to play, space for comfortable seating, and lounge chairs for younger kids.

Easy transitions

Designing a pathway that visually draws eyes to the pool is a clearer way to approach it!

Reliable Paving Contractors in Melbourne

Paver Shop is one of Melbourne’s leading paver suppliers, and we understand the excitement of building your dream outdoor spaces.
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